Course Detail: PSPO104 - PUBLIC SPEAKING: Live Online Synchronous Class (High School)

PUBLIC SPEAKING: Learn how to deliver a powerful talk that will help you build communication, leadership and influence skills. In the online era of Zoom meetings and Google Classroom, students need to find their voice, communicate effectively and give meaningful presentations that draw the audience in. This immersive, experiential public speaking course is designed just for high school students who may have school presentations, college interviews or just want to improve their poise, presence and delivery when speaking to groups. This program distills tips and 'moves' from the world's most compelling speakers and boils them down into bite-sized practices to empower even the most novice of speakers.  

The program's content is drawn from many years of experience and comes from a deep well of wisdom - synthesizing nuggets from the fields of professional speaking, neuroscience, theater and improv, movement and dance, vocal performance, mindfulness, leadership development, and emotional intelligence. We have tailored it to help you discover your unique style and message, which will be shared in a live-stream virtual performance. This program uses TED style talks as inspiration to help students find their voice and they will learn:
  • Unearthing your 'Talk Trifecta' - the intersection of your passion, your knowledge, and something the world cares about 
  • Developing a Mindfulness Mindset - to help you ground, connect with your message and your audience, and quell nerves 
  • Determining your talk 'through-line' - the 1 thing you want your audience walking away remembering!  
  • Creating a talk structure that serves your intended purpose (to inform, inspire, persuade, etc.),   
  • Generating a compelling opening and a memorable closing that sticks
  • Crafting stories that move hearts and minds 
  • Personal presence techniques (voice and body) to connect with and move your audience
  • Preparation techniques you can use to help support any presentation for college and beyond. 
Know you will also have tremendous support, not only from the instructors but from other students. Woven into the session will be time for individual and group discovery, community building and peer coaching. 

Performance on May 23rd, 2021 will be live-streamed for friends and family to see.

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