Course Detail: APPLIECC - Global Conversation Cafe

This course is a FREE and casual version of the Global Conversation Skills Course. The Global Conversation Cafe gives you a chance to speak with people from around the world who love cultural exchange and meet new friends. Speaking in a group setting requires a set of special skills different from a one-on-one situation. For non-English speakers, it is also a special place for practicing to learn practical English through fun topics and activities.

You will meet UMBC students and staff as well as ELI instructors, students, alumni, and people from our community.  

SCHEDULE: Every Friday, 9:00 - 10:00 am in the U.S. EDT 
(Please go to to see the time in your country)

TO JOIN: Send your name and email address to (with "Global Cafe" in your subject line)

If you are interested in improving English speaking skills in better structured class environment with an UMBC ELI instructor, then please enroll in the Global Conversation Skills Course (with an UMBC ELI Instructor). To register, go to 
(and scroll down to find "Global Conversation Skills Course" (Choose either once-a-week 8 courses OR twice-a-week 16 classes). 

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