Course Detail: SOME102 - Branding Yourself on Social Media (Middle School)

What separates social media rock stars from the rest? How do you take your content and make it stand out? How do you get more clicks?  It's not just what you have to say it's how you put your content out there. You will learn the value of protecting yourself on social media while learning how to develop your brand so that it gets noticed. 

Students will also learn the importance of social media as the modern resume, and how it can be used to help, or hinder, future opportunities. Students will start with the basics of how to develop creative content, with state of the art video editing and photoshop tools that are available to everyone. 

It doesn't matter if students are just starting out or have been doing this for a while. All experience and skill levels will learn the insider tricks of the trade from UMBC's own social media guru, Zack Seidel who has over 111,000 followers and counting on Twitter.

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