Course Detail: LEAD104 - LEAD, Leadership Exploration and Development (Middle & High School)

The world needs great leaders now more than ever. What does it mean to be a leader? Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or background, each of us have the capacity to lead and be an agent of change. LEAD is a set of interactive workshops and experiences designed to cultivate leadership excellence in young people and can help you become your best self. Each daily workshop is specifically designed to help students enhance their leadership competencies, as well as develop their leadership potential. LEAD workshops are grounded in the Social Change Leadership Model. The Social Change Leadership Model examines leadership development from three different perspectives: Individual, Group and Community. Workshop topics will include: Leadership Theory, Communication Skills, Multiculturalism, Creating a Vision, Ethical Decision Making, Who Am I? and Collaborating with Difficult People. Students will learn to improve leadership competence and cultivate leadership potential. They develop practical skills and increase understanding of leadership roles. Course content will connect everyday activities to leadership roles in order to develop the skills needed to have a positive impact on the students' communities.LUNCH: Students staying for full day or for both morning and afternoon sessions can bring or buy their lunch.  All students will eat lunch on Campus in The Commons food court and have access to the Game Room.
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