Course Detail: CYBR103 - CYBERSECURITY 1: (High School) IN-PERSON

CYBERSECURITY 1: Information technology security is a constantly evolving field that most people do not fully understand. Since networked technologies have become integral to our lives, we all need to know how to protect our devices and networks. It is common to read about cybersecurity and data breaches almost every day. Google, Uber, Target, and government agencies are constantly under threat.  

Students in Introduction to Cybersecurity 1 participate in exciting hands-on activities in ethical hacking, digital forensics, and open-source investigation led by top industry experts. In addition to gaining an understanding of industry requirements, students explore the variety of career options available in cybersecurity.

LUNCH: Students staying for full day or for both morning and afternoon sessions can bring or buy their lunch.  All students will eat lunch on Campus in The Commons, a small food court.

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Course Resources
Waiver - Photo and Video (PDF) 2023 (PDF Document)
Waiver - Release of Liability (PDF) 2023 (PDF Document)
Waiver - Release of Liability 18 and Over (PDF) 2023 (PDF Document)

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