Instructor: Scott Duggan

Scott Duggan

MA, West Chester University

BS, West Chester University

Scott Duggan has been an instructor with the University of the Arts since 2004, teaching over twenty five graduate-level technology courses within the Professional Institute for Educators.  In addition to developing overview courses for instructional technology certificates, Scott has also created an educational partnership with Longwood Gardens to integrate handheld technology in the field.  Since 2002, Scott has been the K-5 technology integration specialist for the Unionville Chads-Ford School District (UCFSD), TV Studio coordinator, administrator and technical support for faculty and public presentations, as well as helping to integrate technology into public areas to highlight building events.  Prior to his current position, Scott was a classroom teacher at UCFSD for 5 years.

Classes by this instructor

Web-Based Lessons + Resources for Teachers
Learn how and where to find the most effective educational resources on the web, including lesson plans, model education sites, and presentation tools. This course enables novices and advanced users to explore web-based active learning and consider methods to incorporate skills into lessons. Learn web page/simple website creation skills as well as the latest presentation techniques using multi-media tools, slide shows, and concept mapping.
August 2-16, 2021, Unionville Elementary School
Advanced Classroom Integration of iPad Technology
This course is for educators looking to go beyond a basic understanding of iPad use in the classroom. Learn how to manage your students' workflow, and take advantage of the iPad's advanced capabilities, including productivity apps, assessment apps and subject-specific and special-needs apps. The course is arranged around 'app task challenges' that provide an opportunity for teachers to use apps in combination to create sophisticated projects and interactive presentations.
June 28, 2021 to July 12, 2021, Unionville Elementary School
Wearable Technology and Its Application to Learning
What is "wearable technology" and how does it apply to your classroom? Wearable technology, or wearables, wearable devices, even tech togs-consists of clothing and accessories that incorporate advanced technologies that have practical functions and features. This course is designed for educators looking to integrate wearables such as the AppleWatch into the classroom for hands-on learning. Educators will leave this course with the ability to identify and use wearables for various learning activities, design lesson plans that integrate learning activities that involve wearables, explore the history of wearables and learning, and understand privacy implications with wearables.
July 19, 2021 to August 2, 2021, Unionville Elementary School