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Pre-College Summer Institute

A dynamic summer program for creative high school students.


This online screenwriting program will give students an introduction to the art and craft of screenwriting. Through a study of storytelling strategies combined with a workshop experience, students will learn about cinematic storytelling to create a number of exercises which will culminate in a short film script. Students will participate in two courses, a morning class - Film/TV Story Analysis whereby they will study the elements of story structure by screening films, shows, reading screenplays, and supplemental texts to develop an ability to examine and analyze a film/TV show via it's screenplay and apply that knowledge to their own work.The afternoon course will be a writing workshop where students will learn the basics of formatting, character development, dialogue, visual imagery, and writing action. Students will complete a 5-10 page narrative screenplay as well as various exercises designed to enhance understanding of the craft of screenwriting.

This course contains no sessions
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