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Summer Music Studies Courses

Graduate-level courses for music educators.


Course pricing includes $1,050 tuition & a $60 nonrefundable course fee.


This course will provide music educators with an introduction to the basics of Trauma Informed Education and components of the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) framework. The focus will be on practical application and integration of concepts into the music education classroom. These classroom strategies will address challenges students face, adaptations to a socially and emotionally rich environment, benefits of SEL instruction, and creation of customized lesson plans and activities for immediate use in the classroom.

July 12-30, 2021, Online
This course will present an overview of quality band literature grades one through six. Guidelines for each grade level will be examined and explained. Over 100 compositions by a number of composers will be reviewed. Rehearsal techniques and best practices will be presented and discussed. Composer Timothy Loest will join Quincy for several days giving students the opportunity to meet and talk with a working composer. Students should bring 3 to 4 works that they have played with their group to conduct with the class. Students are asked to bring their major and minor instruments for participation in the reading/evaluation sessions.

July 13-30, 2021, Online
This course will focus on the essential elements of a successful concert band school program. Effective ensemble rehearsal strategies, pedagogical foundations, repertoire selection, assessment methods, and how to commission works will comprise the musicianship/musical aspects of the course. Recruitment and retention, staffing, scheduling, budgeting, inventory, and ensemble rehearsal and performance space will comprise the organizational understandings of the course. How to build relationships with music vendors and the selection of high quality instruments for student musicians of all ages will be addressed. Additionally, entrepreneurial strategies, networking, and advocacy resources will complete the awareness-building component of the course to support band directors in visioning, creating, and ultimately deploying the complete band program. Students will be expected to play a band instrument during this course.

June 21, 2021 to July 9, 2021, Online