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Summer Music Studies Courses

Graduate-level courses for music educators.


Course pricing includes $1,050 tuition & a $60 nonrefundable course fee.


This course will address the importance of leadership and excellence in the education of students through music. The intention of this course is to stress the 'what to's' and the 'how to's' of effective leadership. Scheduling, day to day organizational methods, accurate advocacy strategies, faculty cohesiveness, peer relationships, avoiding burnout, image building and departmental balance issues will be the focus of the course. Individual needs and issues of the participants will be analyzed along with the development of strategies to address them. A continuing commitment to excellence will be stressed in order for the music educator to begin focusing on what is right in a given situation, rather than what is wrong.

June 14, 2021 to August 6, 2021, Online
This course is designed for music performers and educators who want to learn how to improvise and teach improvisation in the classroom. Through carefully selected jazz repertoire, participants will learn the basic mechanics of improvisation and the essential music theory elements needed to improvise and teach improvisation including modal improvisation, the blues, ii-V-I progressions, and simplifying chord progressions. Participants will practice and perform jazz improvisation concepts on the instrument of their choice. No previous experience with improvisation is required.

June 14, 2021 to August 5, 2021, Online
John Feierabend's First Steps in Music curriculum is designed to prepare children to become "Tuneful, Beatful, and Artful" for life. This research-based, practitioner-proven curriculum helps guide students to sing, chant, dance, feel,express, and play their way to musical independence. The First Steps in Music curriculum contains everything needed to lead infant/toddler, preschool, or early elementary music classes. Participants will become well-versed in the 8-Part "Workout" lesson framework of First Steps in Music as they take a deep dive into Singing and MovementDevelopment in the early years. Those successfully completing this course receive an official certificate of completion from the Feierabend Association for Music Education (FAME).

July 12-30, 2021, Online
Are you in search of motivational methods for your music program? Do you need to recharge your teaching techniques? Discover a successful plan to organize efficiently, instruct skillfully, manage behavior effectively, and communicate clearly. Course assignments are developed with the intention of immediate implementation to your music program. Topics will include refreshing various parts of your program, such as a vision statement, motto, handbook/syllabus, classroom management, rehearsal routines, discipline plan, administrative support, recruitment/retention, performance opportunities, assessment, concert programming, organizational procedures, professional development, and other topics relevant to participant needs. Sharpen your vision. Make key changes to refresh your music program!

June 21, 2021 to July 9, 2021, Online
Play Guitar, Teach Guitar. This course is designed to illuminate various approaches and techniques of playing and teaching guitar. Concepts learned will include, but not be limited to: Fretboard Basics, playing single-note melodies, basic chord shapes in the open position and in 'Barre' form, picking techniques, strumming techniques, and how to strum rhythms in different styles and grooves. Students will learn basic songs with simple chord progressions, including: folk songs, Blues, three-chord rock. From the teaching lens, students will learn how to teach guitar to visual, cerebral, and conceptual learners. Songs studied will include idioms of rock n roll, RnB, folk, Blues, American standards, Reggae, and Latin-flavored guitar. Students are responsible for bringing a guitar to the course each day that is in quality working order to best facilitate learning.

July 12-30, 2021, Online
The music classroom is an inherently inclusive and cooperative environment. Meeting the needs of students with special needs, however, requires a specific set of skills, dispositions, and experiences to appropriately adapt and modify instruction. Enhancing the inclusive and cooperative possibilities in the music classroom while meeting the needs of all students is a challenging, yet exhilarating possibility. This course will focus on identifying areas of strength and challenge in students with special needs, advocating for the appropriate classroom environment for all students, and the creation of adaptations and accommodations for students in inclusive and self-contained music classrooms.

June 14, 2021 to August 6, 2021, Online
The Mindful Music Educator is a course for any music educator. It has 2 components: Mindfulness and Yoga for Musicians. Through the practice of Mindfulness, participants will be given time to pause and focus on their own care and well-being. This class is designed for the self-care of music educators. This is an opportunity for music educators to reduce stress, recharge, reflect, and reconnect. This time together will be both educational and experiential. This will be a shared experience of discovery, awareness, and care. Self-care is at the heart of everything we do: the way we feel, think, and act. When we take care of ourselves, we can be at our best, have more balance in our lives, and be more present for the people in our lives. This enhanced presence allows us to better connect with our families, friends, colleagues, and students. In addition, as teachers, we want our students to lead healthy lives, to learn healthy coping skills, and to make healthy choices. When we care for ourselves, we can be more present for our students and we can model healthy behaviors for them. Self-care allows us to better connect with ourselves and with the individuals who may cross our paths each moment of the day. We can actively enhance our lives and the lives of others.

July 12-30, 2021, Online