Course Detail: ETEC-656NM - Blended & Flipped Learning: What Is It All About?

Are you looking to expand your knowledge of- and ways to best facilitate- blended and flipped learning? We will explore multiple ways to optimize- and to comfortably and appropriately balance- classroom time and at-home time within blended and flipped formats. Begin to experiment with flipped classroom practices using free classroom resources. Learn how to flip learning in any environment, even with limited online access and/or limited devices. How might you use structures that are already in place, such as stations and clusters, to tailor the best learning experience for students in your classroom? Open to K-12 educators who have experience at all levels of blended learning and flipped classroom implementation.
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ETEC 656NM Blended and Flipped Syllabus, 19-FAC (PDF Document)

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