Course Detail: DDSN-2223 - Web Design II

This course price includes tuition, $50 nonrefundable registration fee & a $40 nonrefundable course fee.

Expand upon your foundations in HTML and CSS by designing and building more complex websites.  Coursework builds stronger CSS skills and provides an expanded focus on multi-screen design, UI/UX design, accessibility, site architecture, and the web design process.  You will also explore adding interactive elements to your websites using JavaScript and jQuery. Over the course of the class students will create two complete web sites.

What will you learn in this course?
  • Apply principles of user interface/user experience design 
  • Apply usability principles to web design 
  • Apply accessibility principles to web design 
  • Collaborate with a team to build a website 
  • Design a complete site architecture including navigation 
  • Build advanced layouts using CSS 
  • Add interactive elements to a site using 
  • Javascript and/or jQuery plug-ins
  • Design websites with a focus on multi-screen experience (phone, tablet, desktop browser)

For the first day of class, students need a web hosting account and domain name.

Course Pre-requisites
(required) Web Design I

Available Sessions