Course Detail: ADSN-2414N - Filmmaking - Editing with Adobe Premiere

This course price includes tuition, $50 nonrefundable registration fee & a $40 nonrefundable course fee.

This 10-week course is designed to introduce the Adobe Premiere Pro software through lecture/demos and a number of brief exercises and assignments. Assignments are designed to allow students to work with a variety of film forms and related techniques as well as associated vocabularies, concepts and workflows related to Narrative, Experimental, and Documentary film/video. Within this framework students discover approaches to editing that best suits their needs. 


Through hands on work, students will gain skills in precision editing, working with sound, creating text graphics, color correction, integrating found footage, and understanding/organizing files from the ingest to the export stages. Additionally, they will gain an understanding of the history of editing, and important vocabularies and workflows related to professional editing practice. 

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro will be made available to students for download onto their own Laptops. Students will have access to the computer labs during the course of the term for out of class work, as desired. 

Literature: Optional Readings and Technical Support Materials will be supplied by the instructor.  For additional help it is recommended to visit or for video tutorials. These tutorials are free and/or low cost. You will be able to access for free using your UArts login.

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ADSN 2414N Filmmaking Adobe Premiere Reynolds 20SPC Syllabus (PDF Document)

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