Course Detail: ADSN-2306N - Illustration: Character Development

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Learn how to bring imaginative characters to life through compelling visual description and design. In this course, students will create original illustrated characters. Working from imagination, students will develop characters through thumbnail sketches that evolve into highly-rendered images. The characters developed for this class can be used in children's books, animation, comic books, cartoons, or graphic novels.

Course Overview
Students will be introduced to the many facets of Character Development through Assignments, Demonstrations 
and Lectures. Students will be exposed to the many applications of Character Design such as children's books, 
traditional and computer animation, illustration and comic books. Through a series of in class demonstrations
and discussions students will create characters that can be used in a variety of ways as well as experiment with 
different mediums, styles and techniques. The class will emphasize the importance of drawing concepts and 
techniques. Through four different assignments the class will cover the following; Basic Drawing, Understanding 
of Basic Anatomy, Composition/Design, Isometric Drawing, Problem Solving and the many different outlets for 
the characters they create.

What will you do in class?
Students are assessed by completion of assignments, one-on-one critiques, improvement in understanding of material covered. Also considered are discussions, critiques and class performance such as interaction with instructor and fellow students. Specifically students are evaluated on their ability to convey their ideas and concepts through character design and visual problem solving.

Spiral sketchbook (8.5 x 11 or 9 x 12)
Pencils or mechanical pencil (2H, HB, 2B, 4B)
Eraser (mars white or kneaded eraser)
Microns (by pigma)
Small Spiral Notebook (for note taking)
16g Flash Drive or better
Tracing Paper or Marker Comp pad (9 x 12)

Watercolors, Markers or Color pencils
Brush tip pen (by Faber-Castell or Pentel)
12 to 18 inch ruler

To be discussed:
1 Container of Sculpey or Model Magic

Available Sessions