Course Detail: ADSN-1900N - Filmmaking: Introduction to Video

This course price includes tuition, $50 nonrefundable registration fee & a $40 nonrefundable course fee.

A hands-on introduction to the principles and techniques of digital-video production. Learn to light, compose, and shoot video; and explore the logic of editing. The course engages students in an analytic consideration of basic cinematic syntax and will provide you with an opportunity for individual experimentation and practice.

Course Overview

Each class will be divided between lectures, technical demos, and in-class work. The overall objective is to familiarize students with the vocabulary, grammar, genres, and techniques involved in basic video production so that they can begin to produce their own videos or increase their skill level. Both individual and group work is involved. A classroom atmosphere that is respectful, challenging, inclusive, and fun is assured.  Readings, Quizzes, Short exercises and a Final Project, Presentations and Discussions will all be part of the curriculum.

What will you learn in this course?

- Have a working vocabulary of video processes, genres, and related concepts.

- Have a working knowledge of video cameras (dslr and portable video), microphones, and lighting equipment.  
- Have a functional understanding of the video production workflow and the "shoot for the edit" method.
- Have a conceptual grasp of editing principles and terminologies, as well as basic operational skills.
- Be supported in moving forward with their individual production goals.   


  • Cameras and other production accessories are provided for in class work. Students may work out of class with their own cameras.
  • HCSD card to fit your camera. Students should bring the camera they plan to use to the first class if using a camera outside of class time.  
  • USB 3 or Thunderbolt drive with a minimum memory capacity of 100GB.
  • Notebook
  • Package of unlined index cards.  

Software:  Adobe Premiere is the editing software used at The University of the Arts. Students will have access to the computer labs during the course of the term.

Hardware:  Cameras and other production accessories are provided for in class work. Students may work out of class with their own cameras.  

Literature: Required Readings will be supplied by the instructor on the UArts course site "Digication".  
Recommended but not Required:

Bordwell and Thompson, Film Art   

Mercado, Gustavo, The Filmmaker's Eye   

Dancyger and Cooper, Writing the Short Film  

Hollyn, Norman, The Lean Forward Moment: Creating Compelling Stories for  Film, Television, and the Web  

Lancaster, Kurt, DSLR Cinema  

Artis, Anthony, Shut Up and Shoot

Available Sessions