Course Detail: ECE-4142 - Finding & Keeping Families

Gather ideas for simple and inexpensive marketing techniques that will help attract families to your program. Ideas for communicating with existing families and getting them involved will also be shared.

 Session Detail: 2023ST-ECE-4142-O1071

Schedule: Every day, starting on 07/18/22 and ending on 07/24/22
Tuition: $35 : $35.00


Technical requirements:

Technical skills to:

  • Send emails and attachments
  • Copy and paste text
  • Scan a document
  • Take a screenshot
  • Open and read pdf files
  • Play media (including audio and video files)
  • Have and use word processing software (such as MS Office Word)
  • Use presentation software (such as PowerPoint)
  • Upload and download pdf and word files
  • Utilize the video camera and microphone either on the computer or cell phone

Online students resolve their own technology issues involving computers and related equipment as well as internet access.

View this link for the Expectations for Students in Online Classes for more details.


Name Additional Resources
Nicole Gordon

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Virtual Location
Tulsa, OK 74147

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