Course Detail: CLEET-3340 - Law Enforcement Handcuffing

Learn basic handcuffing philosophies and techniques used by law enforcement personnel, such as speed cuffing and partner cuffing/restraint methods typically used in felony take-down situations. You will be exposed to multiple handcuff application and removal techniques. Liability and relevant case law will also be covered. CLEET approved 4-hours CE.

 Session Detail: 2023ST-CLEET-3340-S2071

Schedule: Every day, starting on 07/27/22 and ending on 07/27/22
Times: 06:00pm - 10:00pm
Tuition: $35 : $35.00


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Kenneth Higgins

Facility Detail

Peoria Campus
Criminal Justice Classroom (425)
3850 North Peoria
Tulsa, OK 74106

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