Course Detail: MDAS-3335 - Anatomy & Physiology - Medical Term 1 - MA

Required skill/experience: US issued High School Diploma or GED required to sit for the NCCT Certification Exam.
Develop a working knowledge of the language of medicine while learning body systems and functions which are foundational for medical professionals.

Course Pre-requisites
(optional) Medical Assisting Orientation

 Session Detail: 2022ST-MDAS-3335-O6101 (4 seats (33%) remaining)

Schedule: Every day, starting on 09/27/21 and ending on 10/29/21 (excluding 10/13/21, 10/14/21, 10/15/21, 10/16/21)
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Meredreth Maynard

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Virtual Location
Tulsa, OK 74147

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