Course Detail: NRSA-3433A - Nurse Refresher Orientation

Complete this one-hour online orientation in advance of registration for NRSA-3433B. Enroll online or call (918) 828-5000 to register for this free class. Enrolled students will be emailed login directions.

 Session Detail: 2021ST-NRSA-3433A-S6011

Schedule: Every day, starting on 01/05/21 and ending on 06/30/21 (excluding 01/18/21, 02/12/21, 02/15/21, 02/20/21, 03/14/21, 03/15/21, 03/16/21, 03/17/21, 03/18/21, 03/19/21, 03/20/21, 03/21/21, 05/31/21)
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This session is 100% Online.


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Laura Newhouse

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Virtual Location
Tulsa, OK 74147

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