Instructor: Jessica Swalley

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Classes by this Instructor

Do you communicate effectively with your staff? Discover practical ways to communicate and connect with the families of children in your childcare setting.
January 28, 2021 to February 25, 2021, S.T.E.M Classroom (F101)
How do you make meetings and trainings for your staff more fun and meaningful? Discover inexpensive ways to encourage and motivate your employees.
June 10-17, 2021, TBA
The arrangement of the physical environment is a vital part of any program. Gather ideas for helping staff use the arrangement of space and materials to meet the developmental needs of young children.
July 15-22, 2021, TBA
Help staff grow in their commitment to your program and the field of early childhood education by encouraging professional attitudes and behaviors. Provide your staff with the knowledge and assistance they need to provide the best possible experiences for children and families.
March 4-11, 2021, S.T.E.M Classroom (F101)
Explore the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct while considering how this position statement impacts the actions of both you and your staff.
August 5-12, 2021, TBA
Learn how to effectively manage your resources, as well as those of your childcare center. Explore the topics of budgeting, fundraising, collecting fees, delegating responsibilities, dealing with paper piles, and much more.
March 25, 2021 to April 1, 2021, S.T.E.M Classroom (F101)
Designed for center administrators to discover how to help staff use an evidence-based framework to address children's social and emotional development and challenging behavior.
April 15-22, 2021, S.T.E.M Classroom (F101)
Become familiar with factors influencing speech and language development and discover ways to support children with special needs as they develop communication skills.
April 19-26, 2021, S.T.E.M Classroom (F101)
Become familiar with ways to include children with special needs in the child care setting. Identify the definition of special needs, learn about guidelines for working with children with disabilities, and gather ideas for making adaptations to curriculum, activities, materials, and equipment.
March 29, 2021 to April 5, 2021, S.T.E.M Classroom (F101)
Build and support relationships with young children through appropriate uses of technology.
May 5-12, 2021, Electronic Lab (F205)
Discuss the challenges commonly faced when supervising others. Gather ideas for managing friends, family, men, women, and a variety of generations in the workplace.
May 13-20, 2021, S.T.E.M Classroom (F103)