Instructor: Bruce Smith

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Classes by this Instructor

Providing you with the foundation of technical skills needed to operate and set up CNC Lathes safely. Acquire hands-on practice in the following: safety, coordinate grid system, common CNC lathe operations and tooling, tool installation, workpiece holding, tool and work offsets, setting up and running a part, and common G codes used in CNC lathes. Book included.
January 9, 2023 to March 6, 2023, Machining H.S. Classroom (1229)
Obtain the basic skills used in common G-Code CNC Lathe Programming. Acquire hands-on practice in the following: common CNC lathe G-Codes, basic program structure, methods of programming, canned cycles for CNC common lathes, the order of operations, writing a CNC program, and running a part using a program you have written. Book included.
March 20, 2023 to May 8, 2023, Machining H.S. Classroom (1229)