Instructor: Sara Jackson

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Classes by this Instructor

Uncover how to navigate your Mac interface, properly plug and unplug external devices (USB drives, external hard drives, cameras, and smartphones), move files using Finder, and download apps. Bring your laptop to class.
Wednesday, May 3, 2023, Photography 2 Classroom (2114)
Develop 2D animated cartoons using Adobe Animate, starting with the principles of animation. Export and post your videos on YouTube as you enhance your skills.
March 27, 2023 to April 26, 2023, Digital Media/Web Tech Classroom (F253)
Want a steady workflow to edit multiple images at once? Lightroom works for importing, organizing ,renaming, and exporting images. Correct color, enhance, and crop your images and develop a slideshow. Explore real-time editing while in the middle of a shoot by using tethered capture. Bring your laptop to class if you have one.
March 23, 2023 to April 11, 2023, Photography 2 Classroom (2114)
Import images into Photoshop using Adobe Bridge, which allows image organization, renaming, and metadata, which boosts your workflow. Explore the Photoshop interface and tools, including color correcting, object removal, layering, and blending. You will create dynamic imagery for print or website use. Bring your laptop to class if you have one.
June 6-22, 2023, Photography 2 Classroom (2114)
Use your smartphone to take creative photos and improve photos on your social media sites. Explore depth of field, best use of phone flash, and which direction to turn your phone for impressive results.
Monday, May 1, 2023, Photography 2 Classroom (2114)
Are you interested in learning the essential skills necessary to take great photographs with any camera? Explore your camera and flash settings and discover what composition, exposure, and the art of seeing light will do for your photographs. Watch your photos go from bland to grand.
May 16-25, 2023, Photography 2 Classroom (2114)
Using one of the most popular website builders, discover how to build your own website and set up galleries and folders without worrying about coding. Upload your images, publish your site using your custom domain name, copyright your images, and uncover how to get paid for every print. Bring your laptop to class.
July 10-24, 2023, Photography 2 Classroom (2114)
Do you shoot a variety of subjects in your photography and want to add lighting to your photos? Discover how to light your subjects with studio lighting and explore various techniques used by the pros.
February 14-21, 2023, Photography 2 Classroom (2114)
July 11-25, 2023, Photography 2 Classroom (2114)