Instructor: Fonzell Brown

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Classes by this Instructor

Do you love the look of a new car? Practice the scratch and swirl removal and other aspects of exterior and interior cleaning and stain removal. Bring automobiles back to new-looking standards. Book included.
March 23, 2023 to May 9, 2023, Classroom (G-091)
July 11, 2023 to August 29, 2023, Classroom (G-091)
Practice and explore the latest techniques of automotive paint correction. This hands-on course will cover dry sanding, buffing, scratch removal, and coating techniques. Designed for both paint and body shop professionals and hobbyists.
January 19, 2023 to February 14, 2023, Classroom (G-091)
May 25, 2023 to June 20, 2023, Classroom (G-091)