Course Detail: HRCE-3341 - EKG Monitor & Telemetry Technician

Required skill/experience: Knowledge of basic anatomy and medical terminology.
An overview of heart anatomy and conduction system, common dysrhythmias, and 12-lead placements. Practice performing 12-lead EKGs and identifying a variety of basic arrhythmias.

FLEX - You must call (918) 828-5000 and schedule your first theory session in the FLEX lab (2-hours total), T/W/TH 11A-2P or 4-7P, and some scheduled Saturdays 9A-12P (excluding holidays or school closures).
All remaining theory sessions (16-hours total) will be scheduled in 4-hour increments with the instructor, T/W/TH 10A-2P or 3-7P, and some scheduled Saturdays 8A-12P (excluding holidays or school closures).

Course Pre-requisites
(required) EKG Orientation

Available Sessions