Course Detail: RM18 - Calibrate Your Risk Radar: Recognize potential risks in patient care and case selection

QUALIFIES FOR THE DISCOUNT This new course is designed to teach dentists how to spot issues that arise during treatment, which could lead to complaints, claims, or lawsuits. The ability to identify the warning signs of a potential problem patient or adverse treatment outcome is a valuable tool to reduce, mitigate, or even eliminate potential claims against a dental practice. Not every patient who experiences an adverse treatment outcome will file a lawsuit, and not every lawsuit can be anticipated or avoided. However, understanding the role of good communication, documentation, patient selection, and case management can lessen your risk. Through examination of actual The Dentists Insurance Company (TDIC) cases and Risk Management Advice Line calls, this online course highlights useful risk management strategies related to patient care and case selection. The goal is to give participants practical methods of identifying potentially problematic situations and patients while promoting the delivery of quality dental care.

Course objectives:
*Employ comprehensive patient and case selection criteria.
*Identify the warning signs of high-risk patients, situations, and cases.
*Identify when to contact TDIC for advice on a patient or case.
*Build and maintain trust in the doctor-patient relationship.

Available Sessions