Course Detail: RM17 - Pain & Perception: Reducing nerve injury risks

QUALIFIES FOR THE DISCOUNT The Dentists Insurance Company's claims experience reveals that nerve injury claims resulting from extraction, endodontic treatment, implant placement and other invasive procedures rate among the highest in severity and frequency. A patient complaint of paresthesia does not by itself indicate a dentist performed negligent treatment. The way a dentist handles interactions with patients experiencing prolonged numbness following dental procedures affects the outcome of claims. Miscommunication, unexpected outcomes, failure to fully inform and insufficient documentation can lead to serious consequences. When patients know the dentist cares, they are more likely to keep a favorable attitude toward an otherwise unfavorable situation.

Course objectives:
* Institute protocols for communicating when multiple dentists are involved in treating a patient to improve continuity of care.
* Recognize the importance of complete and appropriate documentation.
* Communicate unexpected treatment outcome with the patient and know when to refer.
*Understand that informed consent is a process, not a form.

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