Course Detail: RM12 - Framework for Positive and Effective Interactions

DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR RM DISCOUNT The way a dentist handles interactions with patients and staff can directly impact the outcome of a claim. From firing a pregnant employee to ignoring patient complaints, miscommunication, unexpected outcomes and lack of information can lead to serious consequences. Using actual cases as examples, this seminar provides practical methods for improving interactions, as well as guidance to avoid or mitigate potential claims.

After completing this course, you will understand how to:
* Establish and implement an office pregnancy policy to avoid discrimination and wrongful termination allegations.
* Incorporate corrective action practices to improve employee performance.
* Institute protocols when treating patients with language barriers to secure their understanding of treatment.
* Understand the importance of ensuring staff practice within the scope of their license.
* Communicate untoward results.
* Handle patient complaints and take steps to remedy untoward results without admitting liability.

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