Course Detail: IPTC - Intensive Paralegal Training Course
This comprehensive paralegal training program is designed for people who wish to embark on a successful and challenging career in law - without incurring the astronomical time and expense of law school. Written and created by the authors of the very first international live lecture and multimedia paralegal curricula, this hands-on course emphasizes proper training for law office employees as the need for paralegals continues to grow. The national median earnings for paralegals is approximately $54,480.00 annually, and freelance paralegals earn significantly more.

Our Intensive Paralegal Training Course? concentrates on legal research and writing, and students, for a discretionary minimal additional fee, receive WESTLAW and/or LexisNexis access. The fee is usually less than $75 per student.

In a nutshell, this exciting and common law course, which has been taken by thousands of students nationwide since 1980, primarily concentrates on the civil litigation process and also distinguishes criminal procedural elements. After thoroughly deconstructing the civil and criminal litigation process, students learn the federal and applicable state rules of civil procedure and evidence, as well as the critical categories of legal authority. Students also review substantive and procedural areas of law, the critical skills of legal interviewing and research, the importance of legal ethics, and the steps needed for trial preparation.

Finally, the course concludes with the development of a clear, concise legal writing style and the proper use of legal technology and other methods of managing a law office.

All participants receive a complimentary copy of West's Sample Pages for personal use after graduation, along with a Certificate from the school through which they successfully completed all assignments and passed all tests.

Required Texts: Paralegal Procedures and Practices, 2nd Edition. (by Scott A. Hatch, J.D. and Lisa Zimmer Hatch, M.A. approx. $60.00) published by Thomson/Cengage/Reuter's, and Paralegal Career for Dummies (by Scott A. Hatch, J.D. and Lisa Zimmer Hatch, M.A. approx. $16.00) Tuition $1495.

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