Course Detail: EREG101 - Enrole - Constructing Courses and Setting up Sessions

In this four-hour course, you will learn how to set up Courses, which are repeatable content offerings, and Sessions, which are your specific instances of those offerings. This program begins with pre-course setup topics such as course categories, discounts, pricing templates, course directors and managers, facilities, instructors and instructor fee templates, general ledger accounts, and user-defined fields (UDFs). Then you will learn to construct a Course, including short and long course titles, short and long descriptions, prerequisites, continuing education credits (CEUs), UDFs for Course information, and UDFs for gathering required information from registrants to the Course. You will learn how to use the WYSIWYG editor for building an eye-catching Course description, how to edit and copy a course, how to use Enrole Reporting to review Courses and find out what might information be missing, and how to ensure that a Course will appear in the Shopping Cart site.

Regarding Session setup, topics include Session ID naming conventions, Session lookup, UDFs for Session information, main Session vs. Sub-sessions, scheduling, pricing, coupons, pricing templates, expenses, and elements required for a Session to be displayed in your Shopping Cart site. You will learn how to edit and copy a Session, use Enrole Reporting to find out what's missing in a new Session, and use Mass Session update to open many Sessions at once.

 Session Information: 24-EREG101-01

Schedule: Meets in Zoom on Wed, 1/10/24, with a 30-minute break (total 4 hours of instruction)
Times: 12:30pm-05:00pm EST
Session Registration : $500.00


We will invite all participants to turn on cameras briefly at the beginning of the session to introduce themselves.


Name Additional Resources
Mary-Benton Gordon

Facility Information

Go Enrole Zoom
Entrinsik, Inc.
Raleigh, NC 27615

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation charge of $35.00 will be assessed if you cancel prior to 14 days before the start of the session.