DDFHT12PA - From Head to Fingertips: Causes of Arm Symptoms (PA)

woman and doctor with arm reaching overJoin us for this webinar specifically designed for doctors of chiropractic who practice in Pennsylvania or Minnesota, but may also apply to doctors in approved provider states. Check with your state licensing board about webinar eligibility. 

Dr. Dan Dock will explore causes of arm symptoms.  Some of the areas you will explore include brain involvement, disc herniation, cervicobrachial syndrome, rotator cuff syndrome, Suprascapular nerve entrapment syndrome, joint sprain, fracture, elbow sprain and dislocation.  Another area is nerve entrapment of the elbow, dislocation of the ulnar nerve, wrist and hand syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, and complex regional pain syndrome.

You will leave with a treasure trove of information from one of chiropractic's most knowledgeable instructors. All from the comfort of home.

How to participate in Webinars:

This seminar will be delivered virtually via Zoom. We recommend you have a comfortable understanding of computer navigation, virtual meetings, and your own email account before registering. 

  1. Use Chrome as your browser
  2. Look for an email from continuinged@nwhealth.edu for the link to the webinar. It is sent the day after you register. As a courtesy we resend confirmation emails 2 days prior to the webinar.
  3. You are required to participate in the webinar from your own device.
  4. We recommend using your laptop for best results. It is possible to access it from your cell phone or tablet, but some of the functionality we use may not be supported.
  5. Assistance is provided. But please understand that not every device works the same way and there may be times when something is so specific to your situation that we may be unable to solve it for you.
  6. We will refund your tuition if the rare occurrence happens, and you are unable to attend due to a technical issue.

If you have other questions about participating in a webinar, please feel free to call us at 952-885-5446.  We look forward to seeing you online soon!


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Schedule: 12 CE hours, Live Webinar, July 25, 2024, 8am-8pm (ET)
Only 6 days left to register!
Meeting Date Start Time End Time
Thursday, July 25, 2024 08:00am 08:00pm
Meeting Date Start Time End Time
Thursday, July 25, 2024 08:00am 08:00pm
Price : $140.00
Chiropractor Approval Numbers MN 84943
NC 20-1203186
ND Approved
PA CHPR005719


Instructors (listed in order of appearance)

Name Additional Resources
Daniel Dock