How to Make Selling (Or Buying) Your Practice Easier
















We will discuss the following topics:

  1. Understanding the sale/purchase process. Learn how to:
    1. Prepare your practice for sale
    2. Choose the right practice for you
    3. "Match" the buyer and seller
    4. Value a chiropractic clinic
    5. Understand cash flow and how it impacts the purchase price and financing
    6. Navigate the financing process and considerations
  2. Overview of the legal documents and analysis utilized by attorneys, accountants and bankers through the purchase/sale process.
  3. Overview of timelines to help establish expectations for the selling and buying doctor.
  4. Legal considerations of the entire purchase/sale transaction.
  5. Design the right transition plan for the practice.
  6. Manage risk when selling or purchasing a chiropractic practice

You will leave this seminar with resources and knowledge you'll need to successfully buy or sell a chiropractic practice.  


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