An Insider's Guide to Scoring the AP Statistics Exam
Experienced AP Statistics Readers, Barbara Filler, and Mary Simons will share insights and best practices of teaching Statistics to high school students. They will share how to best prepare students for the exam using the free response questions from the 2018 AP Statistics Exam and allow participants to work through a mock training of how to score each question.  In the afternoon, participants will enjoy hands-on activities to introduce, reinforce and review concepts important to the teaching of any Statistics class. They will also discuss how to develop rich tasks without sacrificing content and make inroads into math talk about histograms, distribution curves, and other statistic concepts.
Enjoy networking, idea-sharing with colleagues, take-home materials and receive 6 relicensure points.

Meet at the MSiC on January 31, 2019 from 8:30 am-2:30 pm

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Wondering how best to prepare your students for the 2019 AP Calculus Exam? Come join us as Lynn Reed and Pat Gabriel, AP Calculus Readers, take you through a debrief of the 2018 AP Calculus Exam. Participants will get an inside look at how AP Readers score each question and common questions asked on the exam. Particular focus will also be given to the components of the curriculum framework and Calculus mathematical practices.

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Connections in calculus lead to comprehension! Deepen the understanding of your students by connecting major themes in calculus with roller coasters, trains, and treats. Sounds fun, but these are not fluff activities. Who has time for that??!!?! Additional connections utilizing technology will be shared along with strategies to assist your struggling students. Feel free to bring and share any activity you have that emphasizes a connection in calculus. You will leave with a broadened vision of teaching that will deepen student learning and inspire further explorations. Our presenter, Stacey McMullen, taught mathematics for over 19 years before she finally got the opportunity to teach Advanced Placement Calculus. She always loved teaching high school math, but after her first day of teaching AP Calculus, she thought, "I was born to do this!" For the past 17 years, Ms. McMullen has taught AP Calculus in two districts in Texas with vastly different student demographics; providing students with the necessary mathematical background and resources to be successful in AP Calculus. In addition, Ms. McMullen wrote the calculus curriculum for one district, taught and trained vertical teaching teams, and did hours upon hours of tutoring. Through her teaching experiences, she has developed a wide variety of strategies and techniques that she is sharing with her colleagues across the nation.

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The MSiC K-12 Educator Conference provides K-12 teachers, administrators, and school counselors with opportunities to network, collaborate, and engage in thoughtful conversations of practice with education professionals from across Central Virginia. Through a variety of interdisciplinary STEM workshop sessions focusing on content and pedagogy, educators will discover how to create deeper learning experiences with students, providing them with the skills, technology and resources needed to direct their own learning, communicate effectively, think critically, collaborate, and creatively problem solve. You will receive 5 relicensure points per day attended.

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