Would you like to program your own maze game? Or create a bubble pop game complete with sound effects? Come and learn the basics of computer coding. Find out how to make characters in your game move, disappear, play sounds and more. And best of all, you get to play all of the games you create!
What's more fun than mixing different chemicals together to see the results? Why do so many things dissolve in water? What liquids in your home are acids or bases? Explore and investigate the world of chemistry and conduct a variety of simple experiments with common household substances. Each student will receive materials for experiments and a real set of lab equipment used by scientists in laboratories.
Explore mathematics using Rover, an easy-to-use, friendly robot. Estimate distances, find angles of geometric shapes, and discover mathematical patterns within the shapes. For the grand finale, use programming language to teach Rover to overcome mathematical obstacles.
OzobotŪ is robot that can read code while zooming across a card, paper, or even an iPad. The best part is you choose what commands it should follow. Can you program an OzobotŪ to bowl a strike? Can you get this tiny robot to finish a maze of your own creation? Can you become an OzobotŪ Expert? Coding is both colorful and simple with this little yet versatile robot.
It's easy to get creeped out by insects and bugs, until you realize just how incredibly beautiful and diverse they are!
Bring out your playful, imaginative, and investigative side. Together, children and adults will investigate the science and math behind the marvelous inventions known as TOYS. Using inspiration from traditional toys, students will design and engineer their own toys during this session, and the students will be able to keep their toy.
Program your robotic Lego creation to move and make sounds using Lego WeDo programming. Plug into your creative side and let's build a zoo!