Using your imagination and design skills delve into the world of Minecraft and explore how it relates to architectural and electrical design in the real world. Teams will complete a final challenge and design a plan to survive their world using the knowledge gained throughout the course.
Learn code-breaking skills and develop your own "book of secrets" as you explore the world of cryptography from Ottendorf ciphers to invisible ink. Use microscopes, GPS, and metal detectors to follow clues and unearth the "Secret of the Center".
Are you curious about the world of coding and animation? Using Scratch, MakeyMakey, and a lot of imagination design animated worlds with your own characters and backgrounds that you can control using a simple circuit and everyday objects.
Become a super sleuth and junior chemist as you learn how forensic scientists use chemistry to solve crimes. As a team of scientists you will analyze fingerprints, fibers, and handwriting samples to figure out who committed the crime.
Do you like to create? Do you like to think outside the box? Bring your inventive thinking to this class and see how architects are creating new solutions for sustainable building. Design your own solutions to current architectural challenges and then test your solutions! What future will you create?
Have you ever had your hair stand straight up? Do you know the difference between volts and watts? Explore fundamental concepts of electricity and magnetism, from static electricity to circuits. Construct a simple electric motor from wires, a dry cell and a magnet. Learn about alternate sources of energy and construct a working solar powered car to take home.
The Curiosity rover has made it to Mars and NASA plans to send humans by 2030. What does it take to get to another planet and is it even possible? Become a NASA engineer and scientist as you explore the possibilities and then design a way to get to Mars and survive on the red planet.
What makes cars go fast and boats float? What are magnetic levitating trains? Explore the different types of transportation that makes the world move. Have fun discovering why hot air balloons fly and what makes a rocket soar. Design, build, and test your very own vehicle. The sky is the limit for imagination and adventure!
See the James River through a whole new lens. Daily trips in and around the river allow you to seek and find a variety of critters living in and around the ecosystem of the longest river in a single state. Test the water quality from different locations then see how water is being cleaned as part of an effort to protect the river. Create your own mini ecosystem to bring it all together. Mud and wetness included.
Why spend your days playing someone else's video game when you can create your own. Explore the world of game design using the free coding program, Kodu© and let your imagination go as you create your own world with characters and challenges.
Discover how to manipulate the reality captured by our digital cameras as some of the secrets of the Adobe Photo Shop are revealed. This professional level graphic imaging program will allow you to create digital and optical illusions that look so real you will amaze your friends and family. Utilize layers, filters, contrast gradients and other techniques to alter reality. Assemble an amazing portfolio which will include your own digital slideshow on a flash drive to take home.
How can you make a Lego alligator chomp down on a stick or a Lego monkey play drums? Lego WeDo allows you to program your Lego machines to move, make sounds, and so much more. Explore the world of Legos and programming through a variety of challenges and then create your own machine.
Is Bigfoot real? Is Nessy the only monster of the deep? Were there ever any monsters like these? Join us as we dive to the depths of the oceans, explore the far reaches of the terrain and discover what monsters reside there. Explore where fascinating creatures live and how they survive. Go on a virtual fossil hunt to explore creatures from the past and take real fossils home. Find out about monsters then and now as we learn about these incredible, but often misunderstood creatures.
Discover the joy and adventure that unusual terrestrial pets can bring to your family. Explore life with snakes, lizards, scorpions and other small creepy crawlies in various locations from your home to the deep woods. Learn how to care for these animals and take at least one animal home with you. This class includes an off-campus field trip.
Have you ever wondered how a crystal forms or why a diamond can cut glass? Take a journey through the rock cycle to create crystals, explore rock features in Richmond, and go on a scavenger hunt at Lora Robins gallery to find some amazing gems.

This course contains no sessions

Discover the joy and adventure that aquatic pets can bring as you explore the world of fish, frogs, toads, turtles, and other slithering slimies. Explore their habitats in our giant aquaria and learn how they survive through hands-on investigations and field trips. Take your very own aquatic pet home with you at the end of the course.
The wonders of chemistry will unfold before your eyes and mouth as you make root beer, ice cream, and goo. See what it is like to work in a chemistry lab and discover what happens when certain chemicals react with each other.
How does Alakazam have psychic powers or Machamp have super strength? If you have experience in the game Pokémon come explore the math and science behind characters and the strategy of game play. Use your new found skills and knowledge to compete in a TCG Pokémon tournament.
Have you ever thought about being a Meteorologist and seeing yourself on television? Do you love to do cool science experiments? Step into the Weather Emergency Operation Center as we explore the unpredictable science of weather. You will build instruments and conduct exciting experiments that help you understand and make predictions about daily weather conditions. As a junior meteorologist you will use what you learned to create your very own broadcast.