Algebra Fellows Learning Lab is a three-day summer program geared towards high school mathematics teachers in the greater Richmond region. Using a targeted approach for learning across the algebraic spectrum, participants will assess and refine their content knowledge, both technical and pedagogical, in mathematics. A student-centered approach to teaching and learning will be used as a model for effective pedagogical practice, along with inquiry-based learning practices using "real-world" contexts.

The course content will include problem solving, analyzing student misconceptions, exploring effective higher-order questioning techniques, project-based learning, classroom management, math-science integration, and development of "21st century skills". During the Algebra Fellows Learning Lab, participants will work together to discover innovative ways to deepen student understanding of algebraic concepts and strengthen the vertical alignment of pre-algebra and algebra instruction leading to student engagement and success.

The Algebra Fellows Learning Lab will help teachers "kick start" their school year through discussions of practice, lesson planning and collaboration with colleagues.

This course does not currently contain any sessions available for registration.