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Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.


Explore the interrelated systems that drive events on planet Earth and learn innovative new ways to connect your students to science. Using the latest NASA data and imagery, we will explore the topic with a newly-developed program on Science On a Sphere (SOS) and involve teachers in a creative arts-based communication workshop based on the SOS program. Participants will hear from experts in Earth science fields, providing content knowledge on the topic, and will take part in activities suitable for easy, replicable classroom use. The project will provide each teacher with lunch, a $125 stipend and take-away materials provided by NASA. This workshop is conducted in cooperation with Nurture Nature Center, Easton, PA and Maryland Science Center, Baltimore, MD and made possible through a grant from NASA.
This five Monday short course is designed to provide teachers with research-based tools and strategies that will help raise student interest and achievement in the classroom. The focus of this short course will include linear functions, DESMOS, traditionally troublesome topics, and Algeblocks. Receive classroom resources, and 25 relicensure points with successful completion of the course.
Wondering how best to prepare your students for the 2019 AP Calculus Exam? Come join us as Lynn Reed and Pat Gabriel, AP Calculus Readers, take you through a debrief of the 2018 AP Calculus Exam. Participants will get an inside look at how AP Readers score each question and common questions asked on the exam. Particular focus will also be given to the components of the curriculum framework and Calculus mathematical practices.
The first field trip in this series will include the geology of the Central Piedmont with a focus on the James River Fall Zone and the transition to the Coastal Plain. Participants will discover the incredible geology in the center of downtown Richmond and then travel east to explore the Yorktown Formation which is composed largely of unconsolidated sand and clay with abundant calcareous shells. We will go fossil hunting at Chippokes State Park! The hike will take you over uneven terrain, granite boulders and along sandy beaches. Please dress appropriately for outdoor activities, bring a disposable water bottle, and a bag for fossils. Receive 9 relicensure points for successful completion. Continental breakfast, lunch and beverages provided. We will meet at the MSiC and then travel by van within a 60 mile radius of the MSiC.
Interested in enhancing your knowledge of STEM education and how to implement strategies in your classroom, school, or division? STEM by Design will introduce teachers to the nature of STEM and best practices in creating and adapting learning strategies and activities for the STEM classroom. Through creative collaboration and exploration, teachers will discover the power of STEM to deepen student engagement and understanding of core concepts through the application of scientific principles, technology, engineering design, and mathematical analysis to authentic challenges and experiences.