Course Detail: LGL303 - Technology in the Law Office (3 Cr)

This course will introduce the student to the essentials of online legal research, by framing issues, choosing keywords and using Boolean search techniques, to refine searches on paid databases such as Lexis, as well as searching the Internet for reliable legal resources. This course will also provide "hands-on" instruction on applications used by legal professionals, including word processing, spreadsheets, document assembly, cloud computing and collaboration tools used in the practice of law. 3 Credits

Course Pre-requisites
(required) Legal Studies Certificate Program

 Session Detail: 22F-LG3030-01R

Schedule: Every week on Thursday, starting on 09/08/22 and ending on 12/15/22 (excluding 11/24/22)
Times: 06:35pm - 09:25pm
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Name Additional Resources
Legal Studies Coordinator
Karen Casey

Facility Detail

1000 Hempstead Ave
Rockville Centre, NY 11572