Course Detail: HI7125 - How to Inspect and Evaluate HVAC Distribution Systems ( 3 Hours)

How to Inspect and Evaluate HVAC Distribution Systems Course (3 CEUs)The instructor will teach the student all of the aspects of inspecting and evaluating the installation of existing duct systems for heating and cooling in a residential building and their condition. He will also explain the ramifications of improperly designed and installed duct systems. Discussion of hydronic hot water systems will also be evaluated. We will discuss Manual J, S and D loads and design of a duct system, as well as evaluating the energy efficiency of the systems, and why it is critical to moisture prevent issues found in the home. The student will learn proper techniques of how these systems should be installed and the reasons for proper installation, in order to properly describe them to their client in a written report. This course is approved by New York State, Department of State, Division of Licensing Services for Home Inspector Continuing Education credit. Code:L2830-03

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