Course Detail: MP5000 - An Overview of Developmental Psychology and Psychopathology

This non-credit, on-line course fulfills the pre-requisite requirements in Developmental and Abnormal Psychology necessary prior to matriculation in the Graduate Music Therapy program at Molloy College. Prospective graduate students are eligible to take this course only AFTER they have been officially accepted into the Graduate Music Therapy program. Students will be evaluated with either "Pass" or "Fail" and need to receive a "Pass" in order to begin matriculating in the graduate program.The course is intended to provide the student with both an appreciation of normal psychological development and an understanding of developmental psychopathology. In order to fully appreciate the complexity of human development, the first half of the course will investigate the physical, cognitive, social and emotional aspects of the developmental lifespan. In addition, attention will be given to understanding complex theoretical approaches and research strategies employed in the study of human development. The second part will be devoted to psychopathological development as classified in the DSM IV-TR. Our study of behavior will be supported by empirically based clinical research and will use a biological, psychological and socio-cultural approach to understand the etiology, symptoms and available treatments for psychological disturbances.

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