Course Detail: PLAY - Players-Orange | age 7-9

Is your student ready to boost their tennis skills? Using specially-designed tennis balls on a 60 X 21-foot court, they'll find quick success in learning groundstrokes, volleys, overhead strokes, serves, scoring and court positioning. The orange tennis balls have 50% of the compression of a standard tennis ball, allowing players to achieve a greater sense of accomplishment in a short time. This class follows the USTA Net Generation curriculum. Bring an appropriately-sized racket, tennis shoes and a water bottle.

Community Education is concerned about the health and safety of our participants and staff. We will be taking the following steps during this class to protect everyone:
  • - All staff members will be personally trained by Coach Geoff Basham to ensure all classes follow guidelines and class modifications.
  • - Each coach will sanitize their hands before and after every class and lesson.
  • - The number of players and coaches per 100 x 100-foot space will be enforced based on Center for Disease Control and Minnesota Department of Health guidelines.
  • - Only the instructor will touch tennis balls, carts and equipment. Players will use their rackets to push tennis balls away to the back fence or forward to the net.
  • - Players will use their rackets to push the balls to a designated area for the instructors to pick up using hoppers.
  • - Each player will get their own 6 x 6-foot (or larger) area, marked of with either chalk or tape, to put their water bottles and equipment when not in use.
  • - Players will provide their own rackets.
  • - USTA Net Generation curriculum is rally-based. Coaches will start the rally.
  • - We will spread out while working on technique with players rotating to different stations.
  • - To be compliant with ISD 728's COVID 19 guidelines, parents/guardians or siblings are not allowed to wait in district buildings while their child attends a Community Education class/activity unless they are a registered participant (parent/child classes), or have been asked to stay due to safety reasons or as a requirement of the class. In those situations, only 1 parent/guardian is allowed. Parents are then required to exit the building and the instructor/coach will bring students to the exterior door for pickup at the end of class.

 Session Detail: RYTPLAY01S21

Schedule: Mondays Jun 7-28 | 4 sessions
Times: 06:00pm - 07:00pm
FEE : $65.00


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Geoff Basham

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Rogers High School
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