Course Detail: LVL4 - Level 4: Advanced Intermediate | age 4+

Level 4 improves student's proficiency in swimming strokes and builds on endurance. 

Student must have passed Level 3 OR meet the following prerequisites to participate: 
  • -Front float (can take breaths) 30 seconds, body straight 
  • -Front crawl with rhythmic breathing (freestyle) 15 yards 
  • -Backstroke (back crawl) 10 yards 
  • -Tread water 30 seconds, hips below shoulders 
  • -Dolphin kick 10 yards 
  • -Kneeling dive

 Session Detail: QLLLVL402W22 (No seats currently available, may only waitlist)

Schedule: Sundays Mar 20-May 22* | 8 sessions
*Not meeting Apr 17, May 8
Times: 06:00pm - 06:50pm
fee : $75.00


Name Additional Resources
. Lifeguard
Water Safety Instructor
Building Supervisor

Facility Detail

VandenBerge Middle School
VM Pool Door M
948 Proctor Ave
Elk River, MN 55330

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