The Crescendo Music Program provides individual music lessons to students of all ages -- school age through adulthood. For additional program information and to complete an interest form visit

June 10, 2019 to August 22, 2019, HC Music Room Door 5
You don't have to be 'pitch perfect" to join this class! A professional musical director, production manager and choreographer will help you get ready for being in a musical production -- acting, movement, props and costumes. We'll perform music from some of Broadway's most popular musicals to showcase your talents!

July 15-18, 2019, RH Performing Arts Center Door 2
Do-Re-Mi! Discover the basics of vocal music and what it takes to sing with a group. Boys and girls will take part in games, activities, lessons and rehearsals separately in preparation for a short performance for families at the end of the week.

August 5-8, 2019, PV Band Rm 128 Door 1