Course Detail: STLK - Prairie Fire Theatre: Jack and the Beanstalk | age 7-17

It has been said that, long ago, there were separate worlds connected by a mystical beanstalk. This classic tale follows Jack and his sister Jessie on a wild adventure up the beanstalk. Their journey takes them through the worlds of "Orchestrania," where all the people sing; "Featherville," whose inhabitants are most "fowl;" and "Giantland" where they meet mischievous trolls and, of course, "The Big Guy." Will Jack and Jessie save their village? Will the treasures be returned to their rightful worlds? Is the Giant a vegetarian? Find out in this un"bean"lievable tale! No experience is necessary; anyone with enthusiasm for theatre is encouraged to register! 

Auditions: Monday, 4:30-6:30pm. 
Parents should plan to stay until 5:00pm for program information. Some cast members will stay longer on audition night to start rehearsing (until 8:30pm).
Rehearsals: Tue-Thurs, 4:30-8:45pm 
Performances: Friday, 7:30pm, and Saturday, 11:00am. A third show may be added depending on the number of participants. 
Note: No refund will be given to any participant who auditions, receives a part, and then withdraws from the production.

Available Sessions

October 24-29, 2022, Elk River High School (13 seats (19%) remaining)