Course Detail: SM34 - Snowplow Sam 3/4 | age 4-5

Snowplow Sam is for new skaters who have rarely or never been on skates. It is designed to help the preschool skater develop preliminary coordination and strength necessary to move on ice. Snowplow Sam 3 is designed for a skater who can move along the ice in strides with long glides, multiple forward and back swizzles in a row, snowplow stop, and curves. Snowplow Sam 4 is a new level that focuses on pushing and balance while moving forward and backward, two-foot glides, rocking horse, and two-foot turns from forward to backward in place (both directions). Students will be divided into groups according to skill level.

Helmets are required for all Snowplow Sam classes. Skaters should wear warm pants, jackets and gloves.

Available Sessions