Course Detail: AMPL - Monogram Pom Letter | grades K-5

Do you need a fun, personalized piece to put up in your bedroom? We're going to create just that! You choose the letter you would like, then decorate it with pompoms for the perfect addition to your room. When registering, please indicate what letter you want, so we can have it ready for you when you get to class!

Parents/Guardians: Please send permission to school informing staff that your student will be staying after for a Community Education activity. Westwood students attending an after school class at Zimmerman Elementary will also need to call the Westwood attendance office 24 hours in advance of the class with this information.
Transportation: Westwood students will take the EdVenture Club bus to Zimmerman Elementary; they will check in at the Zimmerman Elementary EdVenture Club site.
Pick-up: All students will be picked up from EdVenture Club immediately following end of class.

Available Sessions