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TRANSCRIPT. Request an official transcript for ABA Online courses. Each transcript contains all graded courses that have been completed with the Florida Tech ABA Online programs at the time your order is submitted.

Please note: The schedule dates listed below do not indicate which courses will appear on your transcript.

Please ensure the Issue to address you provide below is entered correctly, including city, state and zip code to prevent delays in processing time.

If you are requesting to have your transcript sent electronically to the BACB, please do not choose the expedited shipping option. That option applies only to shipping hard copy transcripts and does not diminish processing time.

Attention hybrid M.A. - Professional Behavior Analysis students:

Failure to follow the important instructions below will create delays with the BACB and may prevent you from qualifying for the certification exam on time.

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Schedule: Every day, starting on 07/01/21 and ending on 06/30/22
Times: 12:00am - 11:59pm
Transcript Fee : $10.00
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Optional - Expedited Shipping of Transcript - Once Processed (12:00am-11:59pm) Expedited Shipping Fee : $20.00  
Information and Policies
Refund Policy:
Refund Policy

No refunds are provided for transcript requests.

Other Information:
Special Instructions

If you are currently taking a course, please do not order your transcripts until you receive notification that final grades have been posted. If you order your transcript prior to final grades being posted, your transcript will not contain the grade for your current course, and you will need to request and pay for another transcript to be processed.

Students with holds on their accounts will not be able to order transcripts online until all holds have been removed.

Need to Send to the BACB?

To diminish the separation of your documents when arriving at the BACB, we recommend that all transcripts be included by the applicants along with their completed application packets.

The program codes you will need to enter on the BACB exam application are:

  • ABA Basic Series (BCaBA: BEHP5011–5015): 4039
  • ABA Advanced Series (BCBA: BEHP5011–5018): 4038
  • M.A. - Professional Behavior Analysis (hybrid degree program): 4413

However, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we are currently issuing transcripts electronically to the BACB on the behalf of our students. We ask that students request their transcripts by providing all information required as if it were to be mailed to the BACB and adding a note in the comments field requesting that your transcript be sent electronically to the board. A confirmation email will be sent once the request has been processed.

If you are requesting to have your transcript sent electronically to the BACB, please do not choose the expedited shipping option. That option applies only to shipping hard copy transcripts and does not diminish processing time.

Hybrid Students: Please Read Carefully before Ordering

You need two separate transcripts, one from the Office of the Registrar showing graduate coursework and one from the Office of Continuing Education showing professional development coursework. Hybrid students must first order a transcript through the Office of the Registrar, by selecting Order Official Transcript. Once ordered from the registrar, send an email to with a screenshot of your completed order plus the address your professional development transcript should be sent to, and we will issue the professional development transcript for free.

Please wait to submit your BACB application until both transcripts have been received, or your application will be denied and testing will be delayed.

Processing Time

The normal processing time for transcripts is two weeks. If you are ordering your transcript with expedited shipping, the shipment will take place after the normal transcript processing time.

When Your Transcript Is Received

Do not open the transcript envelope if the back is sealed with the senior director's signature and has the following message stamped on the envelope:

This transcript is official only if received in a sealed envelope bearing the signature of the Senior Director.

Orders of three or more transcripts to be shipped within the United States and two or more to be shipped internationally will have each transcript individually sealed in separate envelopes (with the signature of the senior director) within a larger mailing envelope. The larger mailing envelope may be opened.

Do not break the seal that has the senior director's signature. If the seal is broken, the board will not accept it.

For more information, please email

 I have read the Refund Policy.