Instructor: Richard Kubina

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Dr. Richard (Rick) Kubina has a bachelor's degree (psychology) from Youngstown State University and a master's and a doctoral degree (special education) from Ohio State University. Kubina is a professor of special education at Pennsylvania State University and co-founder of Chartlytics. Kubina has published multiple research articles, books and book chapters on evidence-based education and measurement of student progress. He also served as the past editor of the Journal of Precision Teaching & Celeration. Kubina consults with school districts and charter schools using precision teaching, effective practice methods and other measurably superior educational programs.

Classes by this instructor

What is Precision Teaching?
WHAT IS PRECISION TEACHING? - BEHP1208 Describes the link between behavior analysis and precision teaching (PT), a system that precisely defines, measures, records, analyzes and facilitates decision-making. Also describes the steps for using PT, how it supplements behavior analysis, and the benefits geared toward accelerated positive behavioral outcomes.

July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022, CourseWebs