Instructor: Allison King

Allison King


Allison King's passion involves getting creative with the science of behavior: connecting its concepts to other (sometimes seemingly unrelated) ideas, applying it to new areas and using that very science to improve how we share it and its innovations with the world. She is able to apply this passion at ABA Technologies, Inc., where she works as the manager of their professional development division. Allison received her Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis at Florida Institute of Technology, where she currently works as adjunct faculty to train upcoming behavior analysts. She spent the majority of her graduate career focusing on applications of behavior analysis to issues within businesses (organizational behavior management (OBM)). One of her most exciting (and eye-opening) experiences involved providing OBM consulting for a large health system. While there, she earned her Lean Green Belt certification for leading a project to reduce preventable patient falls,developed and taught the health system's first OBM and behavioral lean workshops and coached hospital leaders on how to apply these methods to enhance patient experience scores to the top 10 percent. 

Classes by this instructor

Understanding the Observer Effect and How to Leverage Its Benefits
UNDERSTANDING THE OBSERVER EFFECT AND HOW TO LEVERAGE ITS BENEFITS - BEHP1152 Explores how performance on a given task can be improved by observing another perform the same task in a phenomenon called the observer effect. Covers the applied benefits for behavior analysts and practitioners in the areas of behavioral science, training and development, and leadership development. Includes a brief review of historical research and a comprehensive analysis of recent applied research. Concludes with techniques for using the effect to make a positive impact in various clinical and organizational applications.

July 1, 2021 to August 30, 2022, Canvas 2