Instructor: Sandy MacLeod

Sandy MacLeod


K. Sandra MacLeod received her Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of Utah in 2008; she became a BCBA in 2000. She has taught in many different settings and a range of people and backgrounds, graduate and undergraduate courses in ABA for teachers at the University of Utah and graduate students in the ABA program at The Chicago School of Psychology. As part of the Behavior Analysis Services program, she was a senior behavior analyst and taught caregivers positive parenting strategies. She enjoys enlivening her teaching with examples from clinical work and personal experience and loves to see the people she works with try a small behavior change intervention and see what happens. Her research has been with students who have difficult backgrounds and are struggling in school. Currently, K. Sandra MacLeod is working in behavior consulting. She is always learning and open to new insights and enjoys seeing the possibilities in the people she works with.

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