Instructor: Saul Axelrod

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Saul Axelrod is a professor emeritus of education at Temple University. He received his doctorate from Florida State University in special education in 1970. His major interests include applying behavior analysis principles to behavioral problems exhibited by people with disabilities and increasing the academic development of children of poverty.

Dr. Axelrod has served on the editorial boards of several journals, including Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Journal of Behavioral Education and Behavior Modification. He has written numerous journal articles and book reviews and is an author or editor of Behavior Modification for the Classroom Teacher, Behavior Analysis and Treatment and How to Improve Classroom Behavior.

In 2006, Dr. Axelrod was the first recipient of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board's Michael Hemingway Award for Distinguished Service to Behavior Analysis. In 1991, he was elected fellow of the American Psychological Association. In 2007, he was elected fellow of the Association for Behavior Analysis. In 2009, he received Florida State University's Distinguished Alumnus Award, Distinguished Educator category. In 2011, Dr. Axelrod retired from Temple University, where he is now professor emeritus.

Classes by this instructor

Classroom Management Problems and Procedures for Solving Them
CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS AND PROCEDURES FOR SOLVING THEM - BEHP1108 Focuses on both direct and indirect techniques that are easy and inexpensive to implement that can modify disruptive classroom behavior. Highlights the critical importance of fluency and its relationship to classroom management. Includes effective procedures for successfully modifying behavior.

July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022, Canvas 2