Instructor: Jamie Duncan-Chapman

Jamie Duncan-Chapman
M.S., BCBA, Lead Co-instructor

Jamie Duncan-Chapman has over 12 years of experience working with children with disabilities in public and private settings. She earned her master's in 2002 from Florida Institute of Technology and also became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in the same year. She is currently an instructional specialist for CSAAC, where she evaluates student programs and trains teachers and teaching assistants. Through her work, she has experience designing and developing online courses for various audiences, something she believes will help her as a co-instructor in the online classroom. Jamie has had extensive practice troubleshooting teaching procedures to determine the most effective techniques and has also been responsible for county-wide acquisition and implementation of a Web-based professional development and resource program. She has also been a featured speaker in several webinars and workshops on the topic of autism. Jamie anticipates bringing her real-world experience into the real-virtual world to contribute to future behavior analysts.

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