Instructor: Tara Loughrey

Tara Loughrey


Dr. Tara Loughrey was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. While studying in Canada, she was introduced to early intensive behavioral intervention, working with children with pervasive developmental disabilities (e.g., autism) in both center- and home-based settings. During her doctoral studies and applied work at Florida Institute of Technology, Dr. Loughrey was active in conducting and disseminating ABA research. Several of her research projects were presented at regional and national conferences, published in peer-review journals and received research awards. Dr. Loughrey received additional training as a postdoctoral fellow at the Munroe-Meyer Institute in treating pediatric feeding disorders and sleep disturbances in children with developmental disabilities. Following the completion of the postdoctoral fellowship, Dr. Loughrey directed a private school program for children with autism and related disabilities for several years. During her tenure, she was instrumental in the overall growth of the program in terms of its evidence-based service delivery, training and mentoring practitioners and research activity.

Dr. Loughrey has critical clinical skills to make effective intervention decisions and provide quality training to staff and caregivers. Her specializations are teaching verbal behavior, early intensive behavioral intervention, preparing students for mainstream education, social skills training, and staff and parent training. Dr. Loughrey mentors and teaches aspiring BCBAs as a university professor and supervisor to those completing their fieldwork experience. Dr. Loughrey considers her qualifications to be a fundamental opportunity to share her knowledge and expertise to advance life outcomes for learners with autism and related disabilities.

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